“Peer-to-Peer Lending Lures Investors With 12% Return” -Bloomberg
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Can Peer-To-Peer Lending Programs Jump-Start Banking?

Lending Club is a company which solicits capital from investors and uses that capital to make loans. Because it bypasses much of the cost and bureaucracy of the traditional banking system, Lending Club offers to give investors higher returns while offering borrowers more attractive loan rates.

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LendingClub Lures Investors as Consumer Loan Rates Top Bonds

No, the law specifically regulates the lender. However, you run the risk of being ill-treated by the fraudulent lender as they are regulated. We prefer that you stick to options that are legal in the state, as state-licensed lenders generally need to be compliant and you have recourse if it doesn’t title loans mesquite tx.

Borrowers with bad credit have fewer options, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get emergency funding. Some lenders are willing to work with such people. However, the interest rate will be slightly higher than normal to take into account the risk associated with applicants with bad credit. However, the offers are still far better than those from payday loan providers.

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LendingClub Corp., a startup that lends money to help consumers pay off credit-card bills, consolidate debt and take vacations, is attracting investors who buy pieces of those loans and get higher returns than they can from stocks or bonds.

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Should You Take the Plunge into Lending Club?

Somewhere in Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina, a guy is using my money to build a swimming pool at his house. I know this because I lent him $25 through Lending Club, a site where ordinary people lend money to (and borrow money from) other ordinary people. Like other peer lending sites such as Prosper, Lending Club promises big returns (over 9.5% on average, after taking fees and defaults into account) if you’re on the lending side, and lower-than-credit-card rates on the borrowing side.

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